Welcome to Cake Classes of Pastry Palace

That is why the classes taught at Pastry Palace cover a wide range of learning levels. Some students may have dabbled in decorating – learning from books, videos or other self-taught methods. Some may have attended schools of culinary arts and are seeking to specialize in the art of cake decorating.

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Sonny Robinson comes from a culinary background of 15 yrs of experience crafting cakes from the top bakeries in southern California and Las Vegas Nevada. Accomplished in fondant, modeling chocolate, sugar blowing, cake sculpting, icings, patisserie & all aspects that pertain to the baking field.

Sonny has been featured on some of the most popular cake t.v. shows including TLC’s Fabulous Cakes seasons one and two premier. Food Channel’s Foodagraphy with Mo Rocca, Lifestime’s, Top This Party & FoodNetworks Cake Wars.

Sonny Robinson has crafted and designed show stopping cakes for local and national celebrities like Cher, Rod Stewart, Matt Dillon, Dontrelle Willis, Elizabeth Taylor, Dave Navarro & Carmen Electra, Nelly, Korn, Punky Brewster, Sean Kingston, Wiz Khalifa, Holly Madison, Zab Judah, Carrol Shelby, Coldby O’Donnis U.S. Marines 235th Anniversary cake and much more!