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Intermediate Flower Designs

Course Description:

There’s more to cake decorating than drop flowers and roses – and this course will explore several methods of creating more advanced florals through the use of cream icing, fondant and gum paste.  Students in this class will have the option of choosing to create one of the following three cake designs:



Course Prerequisite:

Students should be familiar with the elements of design as taught in our courses #101, #102 and #103.  This includes basic cake preparation, basic decorating techniques and the basics of fondant and gum paste.


Course Objectives

  • Students will learn how to create some of the more advanced flowers including hibiscus, orchids, frangipani, hellebores, chrysanthemums, and cala lilies.
  • Proper botanical structure of the flower designs taught will give your flowers lifelike characteristics and enhance the appearance of your bouquets.
  • Realistic coloring techniques will also be explored for the flower designs selected by each student.


Lesson Plan

This 4-hour course will cover the course objectives as outlined above


Course Completion

Students will take home their completed cake design at the end of this course.


Isn’t it time to be learning how to decorate cakes with all kinds of flowers fun and exciting? Floral displays add a touch of elegant sophistication to any cake, especially wedding cakes. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is a simple matter of learning how to do so once and then using the skills to perfect them. This advanced flower class will teach you how to design a cake with impressive borders framing magnificent floral displays.

From ribbon roses to adorable daisies to the bows and ribbons needed to decorate these colorful bits of fancy, learning how to embellish a cake in style with fondant, gum paste, or royal frosting flowers is a skill worth learning. Whether or not you already have the expertise needed to create a culinary masterpiece by covering a cake with fondant, learning how to craft magnificent displays of flowers is crucial to your success as a wedding cake decorator.

Chef Tony demonstrating icing flowers

Learn the basics of creating simple to complex flowers with hands-on activities, individualized attention, and a streamlined curriculum that presents exactly what you need to know to master flower making in order to embellish your cakes to a higher level of elegance.

Our professional chef will guide you through each step in the flower making process, enabling you to create fantastic, realistic-looking flowers, stems, and leaves. Learn how to make stems and flower arrangements.

Sugar flowers

[Icon List]

  • rosebuds
  • lilacs
  • violets
  • zinnia
  • button flowers
  • dogwood
  • orange blossoms
  • pansies
  • marigolds
  • Gerber daisies
  • daffodils
  • apple blossoms

[/Icon List]
Once you complete the advanced flower-making class, you will know how to bring a wedding cake to life with sophisticated flower making skills as you also learn the secrets of balancing these flowers into a decorative, realistic-looking bouquet for the cake top.

Given time, you will learn how to choose the colors for your flowers, how to position them, how to use a flower and/or lily nail, and how to use decorating tips to make flowers of all kinds with both traditional and contemporary designs. You’ll also learn how to make flowers for immediate use as well as those that can be stored for use on a cake that hasn’t yet been baked.

For participation in an advanced flower class, the possession of some basic flower-making skills is recommended along with the ability to ice a cake to a smooth finish.

Join the Advanced Flower Class, for 3 hours of cake decorating fun at the low cost of $150 per lesson and the opportunity to learn how to create beautiful wedding flowers!