Advanced Flower Course



Advanced Sugar Flowers With Buttercream & Whipped Cream Icings

Course Description:

How to create superb flowers – whether for hobby or preparing commercial cakes – is a skill that every cake designer should continually refine and expand throughout their careers.   As one of the most basic, yet dramatic, of cake design features, the true professional – or even the dedicated hobbyist – can never learn enough about how to design and create elegant flowers and floral arrangements.  More particularly, the art of using cream icings to create outstanding cake florals is a unique skill that will be explored in this course.  Accenting your flowers with lifelike colors and exploring the dramatic effect they have on a cake design – students will also learn the botanically-correct methods of creating some of the more advanced flower designs out of icing.  Scaling your floral creations to your cake design is also explored, as well as differing methods of creating borders and frames with your beautifully fashioned flowers.  Students will practice their flower designs and techniques primarily on flower nails and sample boards.  However, a two-tier buttercream-iced cake will be provided for students to decorate with the  flower designs they choose.


Course Prerequisite:

Students taking this course should possess intermediate skills and proficiency in creating icing flowers.


Course Objectives

  • Training will be provided for a number of advanced icing flower designs and techniques, and will be tailored for each student’s skill level and for the specific flowers they wish to focus upon.  Some of all or the following items will be taught in this course as time allows:
    • Proper base, structure, and multi-layers for flower types
    • Complex rose, calyx, orchid, lily, chrysanthemum, hibiscus , carnation, and variant flower designs
    • Flower buds
    • Foliage
    • Appliqué flowers and floral plaques
    • Guidelines for arranging icing flowers
    • Botanically Correct Flower Designs, Techniques and Colors
    • Proper Spray/Display Development, Balance, and Accents/Detail
    • Placement of Flower Displays, Creating Frames and Borders With Flowers
    • Use of Dusts, Colors, Lusters


Lesson Plan

This 3-hour course will cover the course objectives as outlined above


Course Completion

Students will take their completed, self-designed cake as decorated in this course.


Please Note:   The class outline as described above is general in nature to the skills taught and includes different items and techniques that are planned for this course.  However, please keep in mind that due to small size of our classes, the differing skill levels of each student, and the intimate teaching methods utilized – some of the above-described items may not be taught in every class.  If there are items listed above that are of specific interest to you, please be sure to advise the instructor or notify us with a note in your registration documents so that we can be certain to accommodate you with training on your requested topics. All tools, supplies and equipment will be provided by Pastry Palace for participation in this course.