Pastry Palace of Las Vegas Cake Decorating Classes

Learn everything you need to know to create beautiful cakes when you sign up for one of our cake decorating classes. Each class includes one-on-one instruction, hands-on cake decorating, and the presentation of specific cake decorating techniques, transforming your sugar artistry skills from the ordinary to the superb!

With a small class size and individualized attention from our professional chef, you can learn to transform a plain cake into a fantastic one! Enhance your existing cake decorating skills by signing up for one of Pastry Palace’s Classes:

NEW! Group Classes! $90-$125/per class

o 1-Day Courses – $400 Cake Class
o 2-Day Courses – $800 Cake Class
o Advanced Flower Class
o Advanced Piping Skills
o Private Lesson
o Private Parties

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get with each of our Pastry Palace Classes:

Give yourself the opportunity to learn a few basic cake decorating skills when you participate in our 1-Day Course – $400 Cake Class. Pick up everything you need to know to master airbrush techniques, chocolate butter cream decorating, and cake sculpture fondant & modeling.

Experience a higher level of cake decorating and sculpting expertise with twice the fun of the 1-Day Cake Class. By the time that you finish our 2-Day Course – $800 Cake Class, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to create incredible works of sugary perfection.

Let us help you take away the apprehension of working with fondant, royal frosting, and gum paste when you sign up for our Advanced Flower Class. Tiptoe through the tulips, roses, daisies, and more as you learn how to craft gorgeous floral arrangements made of sugar!

In the Advanced Piping Skills course, you will go beyond the basics of piping to master advanced techniques that will distinguish you from beginners. In this 3-hour piping class, you’ll hone your skills in creating complicated cake designs and more.

Learn cake decorating in a hands-on atmosphere when you sign up for a Private Lesson. Whether you are a fledgling baker or someone who has been dabbling in this craft for years, our Private Lessons teach you exactly what you want to learn in cake decorating. This cake decorating class is tailored for enrolled students and their existing level of cake decorating skills. Our professional chef – individualized cake lessons.

General Class Information

By enrolling in a Pastry Palace Cake Decorating Course, you have taken a unique step towards building your baking and decorating skills.  Whether you are new to cake decorating – or expanding your professional cake art skills – we are here to help you achieve your goals.  In short, through our courses we hope to assist you in creating the career of your dreams.



Pastry Palace offers a curriculum that can range from skill-specific to broad and intensive.  Each course is designed to provide you with a firm foundation of the basics, and will then expand into the techniques, creativity, and presentation of your designs.  Both an art and a science, Pastry Palace will ensure that you learn the important formulas that address the fundamentals of cake decorating – ingredients, baking techniques, filling, structure, and more.  The in-depth expertise and professionalism of our instructors is matched only by the personal attention you will receive in your training.




This is not a lecture series.  In your Pastry Palace courses, you will be involved in working closely with your instructor, fellow students, and your cake art creations.  Taste, form, practice, trial-and-error – whatever it takes for you to achieve outstanding results, we will be there to help you towards refining your cake artistry skills.  Because of the small class sizes we offer, you will be working in an intimate setting with direct interaction with the instructor.



Some of our courses are a few hours, a day, or a series of days.  As such, each class experience will differ from the next.  However, students should expect to promptly and be prepared to begin work at the scheduled class time.  While each instructor will have their own methods of teaching, students should anticipate a brief discussion about the day’s lessons and goals, be prepared to work individually or with a partner (depending on the skills to be taught), provide comments/questions/insight about techniques and results, and assist with cleaning the classroom at day’s end.



As a courtesy to our instructors and other students, cell phones are not allowed in class, and smoking is not permitted.  Only students with paid registration are allowed to be present in the classroom.



Certain courses will include a break for lunch, which will be provided by Pastry Palace.  For shorter courses, refreshments will be provided.  Should you have any special dietary needs to be considered, please include that information on your Registration Form.  You are also welcome to bring your own meal with you.



As mentioned elsewhere in our literature, for most courses all supplies, tools and equipment will be provided.  This is certainly a convenience for our out-of-town students – but any students who wish to work with their own tools are welcome to do so.  We simply ask that you notify us ahead of time of this fact so that our classroom is suitably prepared for your arrival.  (This can be indicated on your Registration Form.)  We will also have kits of appropriate tools and equipment available for purchase.



Each student that successfully completes the registered course will receive a Certificate of Completion which states the name of the course, instructor, date, and your name.