Introduction to Airbrushing


Introduction to Airbrushing

Course Description:

Curious about how professional cake designers achieve those amazing coloring techniques?  This is the class that will get you started with airbrushing cakes, cupcakes, and cookies – and set you on a path to creating your own amazing and colorful creations.  We’ll introduce you to all the elements of the latest airbrushing equipment – its features and functions, supplies, care and maintenance.  Learn how to control the flow of your colors, prepare cake surfaces, image painting techniques and more.


Students in this class will have the option of choosing any designs they like to learn:


Course Prerequisite:

As an introduction to the art of airbrushing, students are not required to have any previous training.


Course Objectives

  • Students will be introduced to the proper use and care of airbrushing equipment – tools, supplies, equipment.
  • Demonstration and hands-on training will teach how to control the flow of colors and how to plan and execute your desired design.


Lesson Plan

This 3-hour course will cover the course objectives as outlined above


Course Completion

Students will take home their completed cake design at the end of this course.



Please Note:   The class outline as described above is general in nature to the skills taught and includes different items and techniques that are planned for this course.  However, please keep in mind that due to small size of our classes, the differing skill levels of each student, and the intimate teaching methods utilized – some of the above-described items may not be taught in every class.  If there are items listed above that are of specific interest to you, please be sure to advise the instructor or notify us with a note in your registration documents so that we can be certain to accommodate you with training on your requested topics. All tools, supplies and equipment will be provided by Pastry Palace for participation in this course.