Two-Day Cake Decorating Course at Pastry Palace in Las Vegas

Offering twice the fun and double the skill-learning opportunities as our 1-day class, our 2-day cake decorating course is designed for serious pastry enthusiasts who are ready to hone their talents to a higher level of decorating and sculpting expertise.

Each cake course puts participants in control of choosing the area of sugar artistry that they would like to explore, choosing from airbrush techniques, cake sculpture fondant & modeling, and chocolate butter cream decorating. Building on your existing cake-decorating skills or simply harnessing a new interest in this area of culinary delights, each class is taught by a professional whose primary goal is to give you the ability to create magnificent cakes that make mouths water and hearts flutter.

A little bit of extra help in figuring out how to master a few new cake-decorating skills is so important for this unique craft. Learn from a professional chef who can teach and instill exceptional new cake-decorating skills into your existing capabilities.

Airbrush Techniques

During this class, participants learn everything there is to know about airbrush techniques, including modern trends and traditional favorites. Designed to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about airbrushing, this aspect of the 2-day course touches upon 3D patterns, texturing, special effects, and more. You’ll learn from a professional chef who can take you along the path needed to become a master decorator in your own right. If you want to learn how to paint images and color the surface of a cake in order to create fascinating displays, this is the course for you.

Cake Sculpture Fondant & Modeling

Cake sculpting is a skill that requires a great deal of patience and a flair for creativity. If it’s in your future, the best way to hone your sculpting skills is to take a class that builds upon your existing skills and teaches you the tricks of the trade. You’ll learn from the master himself, who will teach you the ins and outs of modeling and sculpting cakes to create incredible displays for every occasion from showers to weddings to birthdays to holiday events. In this class, you’ll learn the tricks of using fondant to create a masterpiece that offers a spectacular display of sugary magnificence that even the master himself would be proud to claim.

Chocolate Butter Cream Decorating

Allow your creativity to flow as you learn to whip up chocolate butter cream to die for as well as how to decorate cakes with a beautiful flourish. Learning the ins and outs of chocolate butter cream decorating is one of the best ways to advance your expertise in elegant cake-decorating techniques. Offering a rich, flavorful consistency, chocolate butter cream can be used to create a stylish masterpiece that tastes as good as it looks. It sets well, unlike gels and mousse, enabling you to carve your cake without worrying about slippage. You’ll learn how to properly soften refrigerated butter cream for easier smoothing and more!

During this 2-day class, you will learn to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary using a few simple tools, time-honored techniques, the right ingredients, and your love of the world of cakes. It’s a fantastic deal at only $800 a participant.