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Course Title:                         Private Class – Course #551


Course Description:

Private classes are conducted on topics specifically requested by the student, and are a great way to receive condensed training to advance your plans for your own cake decorating business, or simply refine your personal cake hobby skills – the reasons are your own.  The class will provide you with the training you are seeking.


They can be conducted for single individuals, two students, or arranged as a closed, private session for multiple employees from one corporate client.


Such private classes are available in either one or two f-hour sessions.  Pricing of private classes is dependent upon the number of attendees and the class duration.  Please call us at (702) 251-1555 to discuss your preferences directly.


While the world of cake decorating is fascinating in itself, the truly wonderful part of it is that there are so many ways to decorate a cake to create a unique masterpiece. If you have a special flair for cake decorating, you get in order to create memorable moments for many people for a variety of events. During private lessons, participants learn ideas and techniques needed for this particular art medium.

If you are considering private cake lessons, then chances are you’ve already been decorating cakes on your own for quite some time. In fact, you probably have a long list of fans who beg you to bake masterful creations for them for all sorts of special events, ranging from birthdays to anniversaries to retirement parties. Despite the compliments that consistently flow your way, you realize that you have so much more to learn. Private cake-decorating lessons can be just what you need to take you from that status of good decorator to extraordinary artist specializing in the craft of confectionary delights.

It is also possible that you may simply feel uncomfortable practicing what you learn in front of other students, desiring individualized attention that allows you to proceed at your own level. If this is the case, private lessons for cake decorating may be just what you need. Our professional chef will walk you through the techniques needed to create delicacies that can make people marvel at your exceptional capabilities to create gorgeous cake sculptures and designs.

Private lessons are tailored to meet the specific needs and wishes of participants in order to incorporate the cake-decorating skills they want to develop into the class. You can learn to add lattice to your designs, coloring techniques, fancy borders, how to stack cakes, and so much more. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have the experience and knowledge you need to accomplish whatever it is that you set out to learn.

Whether you want to start your own cake decorating business or you simply want to dazzle family and friends with new creations, take this opportunity to build on your cake-decorating capabilities, honing existing skills while learning new ones. Private lessons offer the opportunity for an intensive learning situation with hands-on experience and individualized attention.

Private lessons are available at $800 fro 6 hour class. If you wish to share this amazing experience in taking pastry to the next level with a guest, you may do so for an additional charge of $220 to cover the cost of materials.