Welcome to Cake Classes of Pastry Palace

That is why the classes taught at Pastry Palace cover a wide range of learning levels. Some students may have dabbled in decorating – learning from books, videos or other self-taught methods. Some may have attended schools of culinary arts and are seeking to specialize in the art of cake decorating. One thing that we can all agree upon is that whatever you currently know about cake decorating – there is always room for learning and improvement! So don’t be shy about providing us with an accurate self-assessment of your current skill level (see our Student Skill Assessment Form). This will simply allow us to place you in the appropriate class for your experience. If you have any questions about whether your skills match taking any specific courses, please give us a call. It’s no fun learning when you’re far behind – or fare ahead – of the steps being taught. So if cake decorating is your passion – let us help make it the most enjoyable learning experience possible.